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“I am a registered and certified school nurse at a private school in Chicago. I have been using this company for over a year for the students and families at my school. Rebecca is truly wonderful and so attentive. Her approach is calming and her job is very thorough. I have numerous families who will only call her if there is any treatment needed. She ensures that her clients are well taken care of and lice free!”  

~Jenn, Chicago

Thank you for visiting the website of the best in home lice removal. Let me assure you if your child has lice, we will do everything possible to make the process of removal as easy and stress-free as possible.

I have successfully treated hundreds of children and their families since 2008, from Lake Forest to Burr Ridge.  I use all-natural, organic, and pesticide-free products. 

Most families are completely lice-free in 2 treatments, and the treatment is done in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Treatments are usually complete within a 24-hour time frame, so the children miss very little to no school.

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